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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is DBFeeder?

    DBFeeder is an open source software which provides you a way to fill Oracle databases with synthetic test data.

  2. How can I control the kind of data which is generated?

    DBFeeder works with a file-based configuration system which allows you to customize in-depth the kind of data which is generated.

  3. Does DBFeeder respect unique/primary key and foreign key constraints?

    DBFeeder has a powerful algorithm which checks unique/primary keys and referential (foreign key) constraints.

  4. Can DBFeeder be used for any Oracle datamdel?

    No.There are some unsupported Oracle features: self-referencing keys; tables without primary key; circular foreign key references; check constraints; sequences and triggers. Some of these items will be proably integrated in a future release. Others (for ex. triggers) seem to be definitively too complex for a clean integration in DBFeeder.

  5. Does DBFeeder detect if the datamdel is supported or not?

    No, at the moment DBFeeder can behave strange, when exposed to unsupported data models. So if you got some error without or with not well defined error message, please check if your data model is supported. Error handling was left behind during development. We plan to close this gap in future releases.

  6. The structure of my datamodel is not supported by DBFeeder, how can I use DBFeeder anyway?

    Copy your datamodel in an empty on-purpose schema. Delete all not supported elements (triggers, check constraints, etc.) in this schema. If you have tables without primary keys, create a dummy primary key for those tables by including all table columns.

  7. I got an error what I should do?

    First read this FAQ. Check in particular that your data model is supported by DBFeeder. If you don't find an answer here post a ticket on project's bug tracker. Describe what you did until you got the error. Include the error message and if possible include your data model.

  8. When do you plan the next release?

    Release Planning depends strongly on user impact and interest as well as on project resources: please consider that the team behind DBFeeder developed this program during own free time. and they are also strongly engaged on other projects.