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To let you familiarize with DBFeeder we prepared two demos that you can install from scratch in an empty database schema:

  1. HR_DEMO (based on the classical HR Oracle sample datamodel)
  2. TEST_FK_DEMO (a technical demo)

Install HR_DEMO Tutorial
  1. Open a command line terminal and change to the DBFeeder directory.
  2. Start DBFeeder with perl -ws -Ilib lib/Data/DBFeeder.pm
  3. Choose 'PROJECT MENU' (option 3) from the text based menu options:

  4. Choose 'DEMO PROJECTS':


  6. Fill now all the project parameters. For example choose 3 ('set DB USER') and enter user name:

    When finished test the DB connection (choose 5).
  7. Choose 'MAKE PROJECT' (nr 6) and follow interactive instructions.
    Please be careful in choosing the database user! DBFeeder will delete all tables of the given account!

    If creation is successful you should see the message at the end:
  8. Jump to next section.

Fill HR_DEMO tables
  1. Start DBFeeder as described above
  2. Move to 'PROJECT MENU' -> 'LOAD PROJECT' and choose 'HR_DEMO'. If load is successfull you should get some messages similar as below.

  3. Check that the message '- PROJECT HR_DEMO ACTIVE-' appears on the top of the text-based menu.
  4. Navigate back to the main menu. Choose now 'DATA MENU' -> 'generate sql scripts'

    On the point 'Type A/M for automatic/manual cardinality setup' choose A

    On the point 'Give maximal cardinality to be chosen for all tables of user HR_DEMO (<= 10000):' type 200

    DBFeeder generates now the sql scripts, At the end you should get something like:

  5. Choose now 'run sql insert script'. Watch for the logs. Check that you get an output like the one below:

  6. With an SQL Editor or similar check table contents directly in the DB.They should be now all filled with some random values.
  7. Jump to next section.

Customize HR_DEMO tables
  1. Look in project parameters the path for the 'HR_DEMO' project directory.
  2. Look now for a file COUNTRY_NAME.cfg situated somewhere in subdirectory 'Input' of the top directory (see below:)

    Tip:remark the correspondence between directory tree and database structure.

  3. Edit the file and replace contents with the string below:

    STRING 'Czech Republic' (25%) | 'Portugal' (25%) | 'Turkey' (25%) | 'Switzerland' (25%);

  4. Restart now DBFeeder and reload project 'HR_DEMO' so that changes in configuration files are detected.
  5. Go in the 'DATA MENU', choose 'run sql cleanup script'.
  6. Generate again table data like you did in previous section.
  7. Check now the value of COUNTRY_NAME in the table COUNTRIES. You should now see the values 'Czech Republic', 'Portugal', 'Turkey' and 'Switzerland' with more or less equal distributions.
  8. Done! Read the manual to get more details about configuring your data.
  9. Proceed in a similar manner as above if you want to install the 'TEST_FK_DEMO'.schema and fill it with data.