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Welcome to DBFeeder!
Your data model is ready. Development is finished. Test data should be delivered soon ...
... don’t let your testers wait. Save your time and money with DBFeeder!

  1. Click n’ Go test data generator for databases.
  2. Data fits automatically primary/unique and reference constraints.
  3. Powerful data customization engine.
  4. OS independence (written with an interpreted language).
  5. Works with Oracle databases (Oracle 9 and 10).
  6. Demo database schemas that you can install and try by yourself.
  7. Very easy to run.
  8. DBFeeder is open source and it’s free of charge!

Quick Facts
  1. Create your project by entering few basic parameters (connection and a working directory) and press a ‘GO’ button.
  2. Generate, delete, insert and count your data, just by choosing menu items.
  3. Customize your data by editing your configuration files.
  4. Integrate database changes just by choosing ‘rebuild project’.

N e w s

2007-12-01 DBFeeder 0.9 beta Released!

The DBFeeder team is very proud to announce the first official release of the DBFeeder project. DBFeeder 0.9 beta is the product of years of development and much silent work behind the scene. We hope you enjoy using DBFeeder!